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Serena Lilli Jeanne
artist & Designer
Hello, I'm Serena! I'm a Midwestern girl through 'n through: born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri (NOT Kansas). I am the second youngest of five, the third of which to pursue art, and the first with an unapologetic free spirit. I graduated from Bob Jones University in 2014 with a BFA in Graphic Design.
I have worked in a variety of design positions during and after college. Each experience has brought a unique time period of learning and perspective to my art and design career. I love typesetting and layout, as well as illustration, but I dabble in just about every medium you can think of. From printmaking to ceramics, from coding to embroidery, I love to learn. I try to pull from my knowledge of other art processes, and even non-art related subjects, as I approach projects to create effective solutions.
My husband, Isaac, and I lived full time in a 38′ 2001 Discovery motorhome up until the end of 2022. We have traveled to all fifty states and three countries since our wedding in October 2017. We own land in the Phoenix, Arizona area where Isaac previously worked and bought a house in Northern Michigan, currently under renovation to be a vacation home. I adopted an ACD mix, Avid, while in Spokane in 2019, and Isaac and I welcomed our first child, a daughter, in December 2021. We were on the east coast for most of 2021 and 22, but now reside in Michigan (for the time being). We have family all over the country whom we've tried to visit often.
Artist's Statement:
I feel that to be an artist is to describe the world around me in ways that others may not see. As an artist, I am inspired to make beauty or interest out of otherwise ordinary or uninteresting objects and concepts. As a graphic designer I am driven to take information given to me by others, then arrange and portray it in an appealing way that communicates successfully. In creating and designing, I am dedicating myself to the manipulation of elements to create effective solutions for myself or for others inquiring of my talents. Whether a complex intention or a simple idea, I as an artist and designer am to interpret the desires of the commissioning entity to develop a tangible product for functional and/or aesthetic use.

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