Jacomo cheesewiches
Illustration, brand & identity design
"The Kansas City Area is well known in the Midwest for its rich heritage of varied and plentiful culinary establishments; we are proud to be numbered among them. Our goal here at Jacomo Cheesewiches is to titillate your taste buds with our quality food and inspire your imagination with the colorful tapestry of our local history and geography. We’re proud to call our home Jackson County Missouri, so proud in fact, we made it our name, and we make it our commitment to build our business here and not anywhere else.
[Michael and Alex] welcome you to enjoy the simple tastes of the most ubiquitous of American comfort foods. Don’t be fooled into thinking we just serve kids food. Our Cheesewiches are crafted with the greatest care and the finest ingredients to open your palate to a higher appreciation for the humble grilled cheese sandwich. We don’t serve grilled cheese here, we serve Cheesewiches, Jackson County’s own Jacomo Cheesewiches."​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Below are logo variations and a concept for a poster series featuring some of their most popular sandwiches, as well as the menu design (10' x 8'). My sister, Brianna Boyles collaborated with me on the illustrations.
Sadly, Jacomo Cheesewiches had to close due to unforeseen issues with the location. Michael and Alex look forward to reopening in the future!
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