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Sparks in the Park
Illustration & Videography
Sparks in the Park was a fireworks show put on by my husband, Isaac, with the help of my family for the village of Harrietta, Michigan. The village leadership put on a potluck and the volunteer fire department was around to deter any hazards. Around 100 people attended in and around the village's only park. It was the first of its kind and I hope to be able to do more events in the future!
Because of the short time span for promotion between waiting for the event to be approved and finalizing the details, the promotional materials were not used for a full scale mailing campaign like we wanted. Posters were printed and images for a social media event page were utilized.
I also photographed and recorded the event, enabling me to exercise my videography skills for a video below.
The video is only for personal use as the music is copyrighted.