ApparEl designs
Our Cozy Nook, Camp UTIBACA, Where She Is As She is,
Raymond Family Crest, Surge, 12th Night Classic Players

illustration & LETTERING
Our Cozy Nook is an in-home daycare in Kansas City. I designed the logo to be a representation of the home the childcare is held in. The logo, and the variation of the logo (Cozy Crew), has been printed on sweatshirts for the parents and students.
This illustration was hand drawn for Camp UTIBACA, a summer camp in Utah. The parameters were to include the camp name, the shape of the state of Utah, and a bucking bronco (the bronco being the focus) in a cohesive design fit for one-color screenprinted shirts.
The emblem on this shirt is a symbol to represent "Surge," the theme of the 2016 Stonecroft All-Staff meeting. It was to emulate a superhero's emblem, encouraging the staff to feel valued and like superheros in their everyday work toward the mission of Stonecroft. 
It was a one-time print and is not available.
Where She Is, As She Is the tagline for Stonecroft. These tees were made as sign-up gifts for new volunteers. The Stonecroft team had them in stock available for purchase for a short time.
The shirt design is a coat of arms for the 2017 Raymond family reunion, an annual gathering. The symbols are as follows: 
crest: white-tail deer (MI state animal); escutcheon/shield: raffle ticket (family reunion tradition); tincture: blue (trust and loyalty); ordinaries: cross (faith); field: cat (longevity), cherries (National Cherry Festival), fleur de lis (French and Canadian heritage), Michigan (home state); orders: apple blossom (MI state flower)
The hat was designed the following year: a simple solution with the wedding date of the Raymond Family Matriarch.
The 12th Night t-shirt was a limited edition hand drawn design for the cast of the 2014 production at Bob Jones University.