Trinity series
What is God Like?, Who is Jesus?, Who is the Holy Spirit?
Book cover Design
Partners of Stonecroft residing in Africa (specifically South Africa and Nigeria) requested new covers on the unrevised versions of the Trinity Series, one of the most popular Stonecroft series oversees. The Partners wanted modern covers that could translate over multiple cultures as the books have the potential to be used across Africa, Europe, and South America.
Some religious symbols are widely recognized cross-culturally. Pulling from my knowledge of art history, I drew inspiration from Catholic paintings of the gothic, mannerist, and baroque time periods. During the gothic era especially, most of the population was illiterate and relied on universal religious symbols to learn about the Bible through paintings. Artists utilized consistent objects and colors to identify characters and stories. So, I simplified some symbols into geometric illustrations creating minimalistic, monotone covers that can be used across borders.
These studies (and book covers) will be translated into different languages and used across the world to tell people about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.
Due to contractual and licensing conflicts, the covers are not applied to the revised, US studies.
I also designed the cover for this additional book that is often paired with the Trinity Series.
Studies with original covers are available for purchase at
New covers aren't available in the US