Wiscasset Christian Academy
Illustration, brand & identity design
Wiscasset Christian Academy is a small school in Maine. Their previous logo was cluttered and outdated, resembling Word clipart thrown together in Microsoft Paint. WCA emphasized a desire to keep their mascot, a minuteman, included in their new logo, as well as that the name be included (the previous logo had the name tacked on as an afterthought). The school wanted a logo that their students and family of students would be proud to wear!
The revamped identity is an original illustration based on Isaac Davis’s statue, located in Concord, MA. The minuteman embodies their motto "Always ready for the work of the Lord" as minutemen were so called for their need to be ready at a moment's notice. The school name is integrated on a banner, which pays homage to the original logo.
View the transformation in the video below.